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Dustin Volz Scholarship

Requirements: Senior graduating with a four-year degree 

Application Deadline: 11/14/2023

Amount: $800

Annually, the Volz family awards a scholarship in memory of their son, Dustin Volz.

The senior needs to write an essay titled: “What experiences have you drawn upon as a Minnesota Jr. Simmental member to prepare you for life after college?” 

Please email essay to John and Rita Volz at 

MJSA Continuing Education Scholarship

Application Deadline: 11/14/2023


MJSA members who are High School Senior or older can apply for a scholarship to apply to their
education plans after school. This includes a trade school, technical college, university or beyond.
The purpose of the scholarship is to reward active members of the MJSA and support their
continuing education plans. Scholarships will be awarded based on evaluation of the application
which is worth 50 points. Their accumulated participation points will be added to help make the final
award determination. Applicants should also provide proof of enrollment such as a transcript or
acceptance letter.

The scholarship applications will be reviewed by a group of three individuals (not related to the

  • A junior member 15 years or older

  • A senior board member

  • Another MSA adult member

The MJSA advisor will provide the activity points and confirm they are accurate. The application will
consist of three essay questions (total word count for all three responses should not exceed 800

  1. Tell us about your future career plans and the education path you have selected (20 points)

  2. What have you learned from your involvement in the Simmental association that you will apply
    to your life’s work (20 points)

  3. How can/will you advocate for the beef industry in your future? (10 points)

An individual can only earn the scholarship once, but they can apply for it more than once up until
they are 21. Recipients must be a paid member of MJSA.


Please email completed application to Adrienne Hilbrands at

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